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If you’ve been following this blog for the past year, you might remember Michelle & Ryan’s engagement session & wedding. To know these two is to love them. They are absolutely the most beautiful people inside & out. After working with them on their wedding I knew they were going to be “lifers” ( or so I hoped anyway… :) so when Michelle called to set up a session for their new baby boy, I added them to my schedule the very next week. We had such great luck shooting in their light-filled home on the wedding day that we decided to go round 2 with this session. They are so smitten with baby Fisher & he fits perfectly in their arms. Here’s a little glimpse into their sweet family…

Welcome to the world, Fisher. You are very loved :)












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  1. i love babies. :)

  2. Kel, the 4th one from the bottom, absolutely stunning. Michelle, you look wonderful right after having a baby and your little family is glowing! :)

  3. So much emotion. Love these… xo

  4. i am prego with twins…and i am crying over these, hormones and also touched in my heart. precious. love every one.

  5. I miss the days of this great love—just precious–they will cherish these pix forever–it goes way too fast—-now my tears are coming!

  6. If I had a baby, I would want pictures just like these… the lighting is absolutely gorgeous, and i can feel the love and warmth just by seeing these photos, ms. kellie!! :)

  7. Beautiful!I’m leaving to go get pregnant!

  8. He is so cute. We wish you all the luck. Oh I work with your mom.

  9. That little angel is my Grandson. Michelle and Ryan went through the pregnancy hand in hand and this birth is such a joy to all of us. Kellie captured them perfectly at their wedding and now has done the same with this blessing. Michelle, heart of my heart, Fisher sure is loved!

  10. That 4th photo down is beautiful in a big way. Awesome work!

  11. Kellie – look at my two guys!! We love these pics so much. Thanks for doing what you do. You are the BEST! Hugs, kisses and baby coo’s from us! xoxox

  12. […] baby Fisher? Well, he’s back & cute as ever. If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, […]

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