Its been a tough week. The world lost a bright light last Friday. One of my brothers very best friends…a boy I watched play drums in his basement ( a zillion times…) A boy who made my husband laugh. A boy who loved computers & knew all about the new “icloud” operating system months before Steve Jobs announced it. A boy who lived every minute with passion. A boy who I JUST photographed at a wedding last fall. A boy whose wedding I will never get to shoot. A boy named David…who I will miss dearly.

So anyway…that’s where I’ve been. Wrapped up in my little blanket of grief & unable to blog because..well, I just can’t fake it. I take the intros to these blog posts as seriously as I do the images that accompany them & need to be in a good place to write them. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier to be swimming in heartfelt, beautiful moments…so here’s a thank-you to my clients for allowing me to tap into their joy. That joy ( along with the smiles & hugs from my little boys) has kept me afloat for the past week.

I would normally be nervous to write something so personal at the start of a wedding post, but that’s just how perfect this couple are for me. There are a million and one reasons why Sarah & Andy are my ideal couple..starting with the fact that every time Sarah has dropped by the studio to pick up prints, we end up talking for hours. She’s an open book & has a heart the size of Texas. There’s no guard up with Sarah…and that’s a big reason why I love photographing her & Andy so much. They are so at home with one another, and rather than treating their wedding like an 8-hr. portrait session, they focused on family & friends…and really allowed us to document their day. I love that they planned their first look in the exact spot that Andy proposed. The Creek Club was more than just a pretty place to say ‘i-do’…it holds a lot of memories for them, and I was honored to be there to add to those memories…

I called Sarah yesterday to let her know her gallery was online & ready to view…and you’ll never guess what she said, “I want to wait for the blog post, I want to see your take on it, Kellie….”

Sigh. THAT’s how amazing this couple is. I hope they’re at home snuggled up in front of the computer, sharing a glass of wine reading this right now. Thanks for an unforgettable day, guys..lots of love to you both.

Dress: Amsale
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Earrings ( wedding gift from the groom): David Yurman
Coordination & Design: Hannah Alexander with WED
Venue: Creek Club at I’On
Hair Fascinator: Twigs & Honey
Hair & Makeup: Chris King from Salon Aqua
Flowers: Sara Grimshaw Designs
Bridesmaid Dresses: Ann Taylor
Suits: Berlins in Charleston
Ties: Vineyard Vines Ties

**A huge thank-you to my incredible second shooter Jennings King, who blew me away with her contributions to Sarah & Andy’s story. Much of her work can be seen below.**

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  1. So, so sorry to hear about David. Many hugs to you. Beautiful wedding to serve as a bright spot. :)

  2. You have certainly captured in these photos the feelings of the day…love and happiness, family, and faith. A new and exciting journey has begun for these 2 very precious kids!

  3. Kellie, the reason you are so amazing is that you put your heart and soul into everything you do. This couple is so lucky to have you. Love and prayers to David’s family and your family. I know this was a huge loss for you and your brother. We are thinking about you.

  4. Oh Kellie… I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear friend. Please know that you are always in our constant thoughts and prayers and I pray that our God who knows all the hurts in our heart will be with you now. :) The wedding is just gorgeous, as alway! Kudos to you and Jennings! :D

  5. We are amazed….they are all so wonderful!! Words cannot express the way these pictures make us feel. It’s like we were able to relive the entire day all over again. We know that this past week has been very difficult for you and your family. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you again for this special gift.
    love- Sarah and Andy

  6. Beautiful, that about says it all

  7. Saw your tweet and ran to find my lap top. I know what a rough week it has been for you guys and you know my heart is with you and so are my thoughts and prayers. What a beautiful couple! They have such a joy about them that just glows even through a computer screen. I love every single moment you captured. What a lucky couple to have you. :) You never EVER cease to amaze me. Your strength, passion, and pure love for what you do is an inspiration. Your images capture memories, memories are priceless. Lots and lots of love. xoxo

  8. Kellie – all i can say is sigh sigh sigh! mmmmmm! You know how i feel, one of the best experiences of my life and career, thank you “friend!” Andy & Sarah – such a beautiful and precious couple, thank you for making our job easy as pie! Best Wishes to you both for a long and happy life together!

  9. […] Kellie Kano is from Sarah’s home town and we were THRILLED to hear she had already hired her before we even knew we’d be working together because Kellie is one whose work we absolutely admire. And what a fantastic person to have around on your wedding day… it’s no wonder at all that she also became good friends with Sarah and Andy. […]

  10. Kellie, these are stunning! You did such a brilliant job of capturing the sweetness of this night. I love them all!

  11. By the way….the pic of the nephew Jack running towards you totally melts my heart.

  12. So sorry to hear about your loss Kellie. These are beautiful photographs and you are a master at capturing the warmth of couples and their families, just beautiful!

  13. What a gorgeous wedding! The details are impeccable – love the pink shoes! I’m so sorry for you loss, Kellie, but it’s a beautiful thing to see you sharing your heart through photos AND words. This may be one of my favorites yet.

  14. Stunning dress! She was made for it! I love all the happiness you can feel from them! Amazing job!

  15. Kellie ~ tears streamed down my face as I read your journey this past week. I’m glad that looking thru Sarah & Andy’s beautiful pics of their wedding day has brought your heart some comfort. I’ve followed your blog for a while and was at this wedding, it’s unbelievable how you captured the amazing moments between them. Amazing work! Prayers to you, your family & David’s family as you all work to heal.

  16. A masterful use of light. You never cease to amaze me. You know you can’t have a tree branch running through the middle of your photo…no wait…YOU can, and make it beautiful. I wish everyone had a fraction of Dave’s passion for life. He is sorely missed by those who love him.

  17. Kellie, David sounds like a wonderful guy and I know he is cherished, loved and missed. This post is amazing and beautiful, everything I know your work to ALWAYS be. Thanks for being real – something I’ve always loved about you and wish more people would be. :)

  18. GORGEOUS!!! They look so happy!!! Once again, job well done:)

  19. Absolutely stunning!!! Kellie, you captured the special day so perfectly! These are the memories to treasure for a lifetime. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss – you are in my thoughts and prayers!
    xoxo to Sarah and Andy!

  20. Kellie, the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for doing a beautiful job.

  21. Beautifully captured! sending extra xoxox to you Kellie!

  22. Oh gosh Kellie. I’m so sad to hear of the loss of your friend. Keep your head up and bask in the love of your family and sweet clients. This wedding is a ray of sunshine for sure. So much joy and love in the photos. Your work is always so heartwarming and genuine. I love the lanterns and ribbons in the trees and those shoes Sarah chose are to die for. Perfect little pop of color. Beautiful all around my friend.

  23. Sarah and Andy’s pictures are so emotional and gorgeous – you’ve done it again :) words cannot express how wonderful that I think you are, and how you touch so many lives. I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing.

  24. These pictures are a beautiful testament to your perfect day and new life together! I love that these pictures helped Kellie through a difficult time. I love them all!

  25. I was so unhappy to have missed being at Sarah and Andy’s wedding, but now i don’t have to feel that way, because you captured it so perfectly. The light and the love. Beautiful, brilliant photos. All the best to the happy couple.

  26. Words cannot even begin to describe how perfect these pictures are… I have looked at them so many times and find them absolutely stunning! Thanks for capturing so many wonderful moments!

  27. These photos are all absolutely gorgeous! I was honored to be part of such a special day and, Kellie, thanks for capturing it perfectly! Lots of love to Sarah and Andy :)

  28. The photos of Sarah and Andy’s wedding are amazing! Such a apecial day for the couple and you did such a fantastic job capturing that! :)

  29. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (photos, bride and day!) love all of these!

  30. These pictures are absolutely amazing. Sarah and Andy, you are so lucky to have such wonderful memories captured that you will cherish forever!

  31. Wonderful pictures of the Perfect Wedding!

  32. So good, Kellie. The getting ready shots are gorgeous, and I love the sparkler ones at the end!

  33. Hate I missed the wedding, but the photos are amazing!! Best of luck to the cutest couple, The Sheltons : )

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