The past 3 weeks have been some of the busiest & most wonderful of my career. I don’t even know where to begin, ya’ll. Six off-the-charts inspiring shoots & a week spent in my new favorite place on earth.. Haiti. My mind is still reeling with the beauty of Haiti and its people. Would you believe I’m already planning my next trip back & slowly but surely learning Creole ? It’s been said that once the Haitians find a place in your heart, you carry them with you always. I lived it, my friends, and can tell you without a doubt…whoever said that was right on. I studied Anthropology in my college days & there is a common theory among Anthropologists that you have to completely immerse yourself in a new culture to fully understand your own. Pretty sure there’s some truth to that theory…all I know is, I learned more from the Haitian people in 5 short days than I have even had a chance to process. Cannot wait to share the images and stories with you. First blog installment coming up later this week…

In the meantime, there’s lots to catch up on. The week before flying out to Port au Prince, I shot 5 sessions. Crazy? yes. Wonderful? you betcha. Sari & Aaron were the first of those sesssions. They flew in from Boston for their engagement shoot & after looking at the weather for Sunday afternoon, we made the quick decision to move the shoot to Saturday. Good call on our part because the day of the shoot couldn’t have been more gorgeous… and Sunday was a mini-deluge. Sari is a special bride to me…I shot her sister Jodi’s wedding waaaay back in 2008 & have had my fingers crossed that I would be shooting Sari walking down the aisle one day too. Wish granted..I’ll be flying to Boston to photograph her & Aaron tie the knot in an apple orchard. How dreamy is that? It’s sure to be one of the most stunning events this fall.

Loved spending the afternoon with these two. They are so in love they managed to make a parking lot full of cars look extraordinary. Proof that its not the surroundings that make an image…its the people. Always, always the people. Sari & Aaron, thanks for sharing your hearts with me. Can’t wait to do it again this fall…

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  1. Such great light! Love them all!!!

  2. So beautiful, Kellie! Your right, she does have gorgeous curls! The way you capture the light in your photos is just surreal.

  3. These are stunning! I can’t even pick a favorite…they’re all my favorites!

  4. Wonderful, amazing, beautiful photos… Thanks for making us look so good! You must’ve edited out my frizz ;)

  5. Love the photos! You guys look amazing!

  6. LOVE!!!! One of these days, I will book you for a session and have your prints on my walls. I just know it! It’s gonna happen….:)

  7. That first shot is a pure piece of ART.

  8. The photo’s are so beautiful and great, I would like have every one of them for me to enjoy. Love always A Ronelle

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