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There are a million and one things I adore about Tara & Tony. And since there isn’t enough room on this post to list all 1,000,001.. lets break down a few below:

1.) They are total naturals in front of the camera & really put their hearts into this session.
2.) The love they share is palpable.
3.) Tara is gorgeous ( I mean, really…I think my 35mm has a crush on her)
4.) Tony brings out the best in Tara & totally made my day by saying “well, that was a blast..” when we wrapped their session.
5.) They have the cutest dog on the planet.
6.) They let their connection shine in these images & focused on each other throughout this entire shoot.
7.) Did I mention I adore them & can’t wait to hang out with them again next Spring?

Tony, Tara & Boken…thanks for being the highlight of my week. Here are a few favorites from our downtown shoot..

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  1. Kellie!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :) What else can I say. Thanks again for making that day so special. You are truly the best! :)

  2. So perfect! Love them all. And Bo too!

  3. The pictures are beautiful and Tara is gorgeous.

  4. Kellie!!! Amazing. Tara-LOVE THEM!!!!!! :)

  5. These pictures are amazing!!! Tara and Tony look great! and Boken is soo cute!! You guys should MODEL!

  6. SO great! Love these!

  7. Tara, you look gorgeous and these photos are amazing. This shoot does look like it was a blast. Congratulations, “cuz!”

  8. Love Kellie…not helping my fever at all! What a precious couple :) She is stunning and love her style! Definitely are naturals in front of the camera and the cute pup too! I don’t know how you do it but you out-do yourself everytime xoxo

  9. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  10. So beautiful, I can feel the love!

  11. LOOOVE the pictures! They are absolutely beautiful!!! Might I add, Boken is quite a natural in front of the camera :)

  12. The two of you look like you are having a blast! The photo shots look so natural too. I really loved them all!

  13. Seriously, these are absolutely amazing. It really captures their love for each other! Kellie, you’ve done it again my friend! :) xoxoxoxoxox

  14. Absolutely awesome pics. Loved everyone of them – even Bo looked great. You both look so much in love – I just love them and love you both!


  16. Beautiful couple, beautiful smiles, beautiful pictures!!! And I LOVE all her outfits.

  17. All of them turned out wonderful! Of course you would throw Boken in there :)

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