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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned lately how much I love my job. The thought crosses my mind at least 10 times a day, but I often forget to speak the words….I am blessed. I’m blessed to cross paths with such extraordinary people & be granted an all-access pass into their lives. Its an incredible gift to walk away from a session so high on inspiration you’re dying to call someone & share. Well, after the Mascali’s left last week, I called my hubby & the first words out of my mouth were “Hon, I just photographed the most amazing family… ”

And they are. Everything you could want in a family is right here. There’s a beautiful ease about them & an undeniable spunk. I especially love mom, Barbara’s platinum ‘do….and the fact that rather than don a wig when she lost her hair after her bouts with chemo, she decided to go bold. What an inspiration to us all that even through struggles, she hasn’t lost sight of who she is. With a spirit as strong as hers, and the support of her family, I have no doubt she will win her fight…

Consider the bar for family sessions here at KKP, offically raised, thanks to the Mascalis :) And thanks to the lovely Kilbi for sending them my way.

From left to right: Sal, Rosario, Barbara, Mariangela, and Dan.








This is what happened when I told the boys to give me their “best impression of dad”… :)




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  1. kellie, what a fantastic shoot!?! i really get the spirit of this family in your photos. you have a fantastic gift, as do they, thank you for sharing.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! What awesome personality and life your images have!!! Love them!!! :-)

  3. Kellie, if ever I wondered why you love your job so much, I now know. These photos tell me that you enjoyed this family immensely and that you shared in their joy, if even for just a brief moment. The photos are so telling…a family dynamic that makes me smile. Reminds me of my happy family.

  4. what a great family….they look like they were a blast to work with!

  5. You really captured the Mascali’s. I, too, believe that Barbara will overcome this cancer. She is such a strong, intelligent, unforgettable, enjoyable, laughable, beautiful, amazing, and the list goes on, lady. I’m so glad she is my friend.

  6. What a hot family! I love the boys jumping and the 5th shot from the bottom. Such an awesome session. Great energy in every image! :)

  7. Absolutely fantastic pictures…. a real talent.

  8. I am in love with these photos … you have captured the joy, love, and spirit of the Mascali’s. I love Barbara and miss her every single day (alas I live very far away) looking at these photos is like having her up close and on my computer … wow

  9. Kellie, Sal and Daniel are friends of mine, and I think you did an amazing job capturing the Mascali family. I know how difficult it is to get natural personality out of even the most outgoing family, but you managed to show this amazing family for the awesome people they are.

  10. these are wonderful, Kellie! Such gorgeous compositions, and you captured their love for each other so beautifully. They are indeed inspiring!

  11. What a great family and what great shots! Love it! – JG

  12. Awesome photos.. I love them!

  13. what a gorgeously wonderful shoot, kellie! you are a rockstar of all things photography :)

  14. These are so so fun!!! What a CUTE family!!

  15. you made them laugh naturally…! great!

  16. This one hit home…..I was just chatting with my g/f tonight as her best friend lost her father to cancer this evening. A short, painful battle which he lost. So tough, but with memories like the ones you’ve created here it gives the family a joy and a peace to look at them no matter what happens. I don’t even know this family, and they make me smile. I only wish more families …especially those with grown children, would take the time to do this more often. Gorgeous, gorgeous family…you can feel the love, can’t you. Amazing job!

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