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Almost nine years and over 320-ish weddings in, I’ve learned a lot about soul mates. I’ve learned that no two love stories are the same. Some happen instantly with a touch or a smile, some start as friendships that slowly evolve into head-over-heels love, some happen in the 20s, some happen in the 30s, and some…some involve second chances. The only thing I’ve found to be universally true of all the real-life love stories I’ve photographed? They never (ever) involve a white horse, no two “princes” look alike & real-life love is a million times better than any fairytale..

When Jill & I first met she had been searching for a photographer for months. A lucky google search for Figure 8 Island weddings brought her to me (score one for google). She sat across from me in the studio & shared her story. She beamed as she told me how Thomas felt like home. How he was the most perfect person in the world to her. How kind he was, how much she couldn’t wait for me to meet him. As she spoke, I kept thinking to myself how rare & special this girl is. Jill is as authentic as they come & by the end of our meeting we were hugging with tears in our eyes. I had never met anyone more deserving of beautiful memories captured. Our meeting reminded me what I love most about this stage of my career. Connection. In the days of 45 weddings a year I didn’t have the time or energy to fully invest in each couple and their story, but now with only a choice 12-15 weddings a year, I go all-in. And Jill & Thomas were 100% a perfect fit for me. One thing I know for sure? You’ll be seeing more of these two..their story is just beginning & I can’t wait to tell more of it as the years pass.

So what about Thomas, you ask? The minute we met right before their first look, he said “I have heard the best things about you, Kellie.” I smiled, hugged him & said, “ditto, Thomas. You have one truly amazing girl, you know..”

“Believe me, I know,” he said.

These two are the real deal & I will forever be grateful to Google for leading them to me…

Venue & Planning- Jenn Mitchell with Figure 8 Island Yacht Club
Dress- Monique Lhuillier
Florist- Beautiful Flowers by June
Cake- Anna Echols with One Belle Bakery
Hair- Sunny Lee with Harbor Club Spa
Makeup- Tess Wheatley with Blush
Band- Complete Desire
Videography- LifeStage Films

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  1. Stunning! Kellie – with a first look like that, don’t you wish you had all the time in the world with the couple?! Thomas, you were a handsome groom and Jill, so gorgeous! Love seeing family friends on your blog Kellie! Super job and precious! Only picture missing is my dad on the dance floor! (Doggie!) LOL!

  2. Stunning! Such a beautiful couple and wedding!

  3. So beautiful!!!!!! I love each and every photo. Just gorgeous.

  4. what a beautiful wedding and the dress is stunning

  5. simply beautiful :-)

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