Almost 4 months later & lots to catch you guys up on. 2013 has been a non-stop adventure. Sixteen flights since March and half a dozen new stamps in my passport are the main reason blogging has taken a back seat this year. But no regrets, my friends. This crazy, wonderful career is taking me around the world and connecting me with people that make every minute of trudging through airports a dream come true. I’m so grateful to my extraordinary couples & their families for taking me along for the ride as they start their lives together. Seven years in and I’m still as in love with this job as I was on day one…

Since I have gads of images to blog & no idea where to begin, lets start here.. with Tiz & Andy’s soulful, sun-drenched wedding at Adaumont Farm. The most perfect August day I’ve ever seen. If you’ve been following this blog for a while ( back when I actually blogged weekly…ah, those were the days) or if you happen to follow my work through facebook, you’ll know I’m unapologetically addicted to real, honest, captivating moments that give you a glimpse into each of my couples’ stories. With Andy & Tiz there are no shortage of these moments. This is a couple who lives out loud, chasing adventure and holding tightly to their faith and each other. They live with purpose & bring joy with them wherever they go. I could tell from our phone calls prior to the wedding day that Andy & Tiz were glass half full kind of people, but after spending the day with them & seeing how they love with such abandon, I left knowing that I had just documented the start of a beautiful journey. Everyone should take a page from Tiz & Andy’s life book. They are a true example of trusting your heart, as they exchanged vows exactly 15 months to the day of their first 4 hour coffee date.

Soul mates, I tell ya. soul.mates…

Watch the slideshow below & you’ll see what I mean.

To see more of Tiz & Andy’s story, click play below. The happy little tune is courtesy of Avalanche City.

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  1. Kellie, I’ve known you my entire life and I have never seen a more beautiful wedding. You always take the most beautiful pictures and I LOVE looking at all of them. I do photography on the side and I am always looking at your photos for ideas and help! Good job girl! Miss and love you!

  2. Wow Kellie!!!! These images are so beautiful and so full of happiness! Truly amazing!

  3. Your slideshows get me every time!! <3 I need you to get back to regular weekly blogging ASAP, please.

  4. Kellie, No one could have told their story any more perfectly than you did. Their love for each other shows in every photo that you took. You are awesome.

  5. The slide show plays like a movie, but it’s better because you get to fill in the gaps. Some truly beautiful shots in this one hon:)

  6. Kellie. these are beautiful. What a dream wedding! Makes me want to do it again, or dream of the 3 future ones for my little ladies. Like always, you immortalize the joy and love of a family. well done!

  7. Gorgeous. GORGEOUS. It’s not just the couple and the wedding, but the way you captured them is truly unbelievable. Is it okay if I hang these in my house and pretend they are not total strangers? Kthx.

  8. As I was scrolling through these, I was trying to keep track of which photo was my favorite: Ooh, that one! No wait, that one! But hold on, I love that one too!

    These are fantastic, and the bride and groom are glowing! Best wishes to all!

    And well done AGAIN, Kellie :-)

  9. How beautiful! What an expressive couple and a wedding full of emotion. Love it! Great job :)

  10. Hi Kellie! I just happened on your work from a friend’s fb post and love what I see! Your ability to capture emotion on a very emotion-filled day is something I strive for. All the best to you and your business. :) ~Rachel Red

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