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We have so many amazing couples on the books for next year, I can hardly wait to introduce them all! Two of our 2010 grooms are pro ball players, so I’ve decided to add a sporty twist to their engagement sessions. Its always fun to spice things up a bit ;)

I hit it off with Tracy during our very first phone conversation & knew instantly that she & PJ were the perfect fit for our studio. When we met at Duke Gardens for their engagement session, I was drawn in by their insane chemistry. There’s a playfulness about them that makes them SO much fun to photograph. I can’t wait to spend more time with them next August!

Tracy threw down some of her dribbling skills… :) And don’t ya love PJ’s hot pink Louis Vuitton sneakers? I dig them.









One of my favorites of the day…Tracy’s eyes are so gorgeous.

I was so jealous of his spinning skills!!! Hey PJ, will you teach me?!


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  1. Holy Hotness Batman! :-)

  2. in the first few images…PJ looked just like Tyrese. not even kidding. Tracy’s eyes are stunning…and my hubby LOVES all of the shoes!

  3. Last one= love. His tats are insane!! Love all these Kel.

  4. WOWEE! These two are ridiculously good looking. Her eyes are just amazing! BTW , LOVE the pic with the tree & the cool looking roots. Nice job on these!

  5. Wow Kelli magic as always!! What a great looking couple, they look like models. Her eyes are just gorgeous and his tats blend with her eyes to give that extra “oomph” that make these just pop off the page. Great work to the couple and the fab photog!

  6. I am sitting her looking at the photos with the Bride-to-be’s mother. The more I see Tracy the more she looks like her mother to me. Diane and I both agree they make a beautiful couple. I have never seen Tracy so happy. I think they complement each other perfectly. You have done an excellent job in bringing out what makes them special individually and as a couple.

  7. I LOVE THEM!!! The pics are awesome and you can feel the love! We love you sis!

  8. It feels so good to see my sister happy again! Very nice work Kellie!

  9. Kellie these pictures are so amazing! When we both initially looked at the pictures we were speechless. You have made it so hard for us to decide which one is our favorite. Thank you for all your hard work and for capturing the essence of both of us. I am so excited for you to shoot our wedding and I honestly feel like I have the best photographer. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Hehehehe

  10. Love these pics!! It feels soo good to see my girl sooo very happy, sexy couple ;-)

  11. I’m so happy for the two of you. PJ, I can tell you make Tracy so happy. Thanks for always taking care of her!

  12. OMG Kellie! These are so freaking hot. :) Definitely agree, these guys are a PERFECT fit for you!!! :D

  13. OMG, girly, I know I said you guys make a cute couple but after looking at these photos I am changing it to amazing! One of my favorite photos is when you two are on that walkway sitting, you look so happy, in love, and content…then the one where yawl face are side by side and you are holding his face, it had me like awwwwwwww. All the pictures are amazingly breathtaking and have me wanting to see more. They all look like model shots. You go girly! Big ups to the photographer, keep her number on speed dial, lol!!!!!

  14. The wall shot is off the hook. Their happiness comes through on every shot. Great work Kellie!

  15. Love the one with the heads and eyes!

  16. From the moment I saw your website I knew you were the photographer for My Niki. You did not let me down ;-) ! I am so happpy, impressed ,pleased and grateful. These pictures capture two love birds at their best. I cannot imagine what wedding moments you will capture for us. Thanks for entering into our lives and saving these moments for us for eternity.

  17. OH!!! Tracy you are so beautiful and PJ you are ok (just kidding). You two are a stunning couple. I really enjoyed the pictures. See you soon from Chicago.

  18. i love all your photo(s) P.J ; you both look happily ever after ! cant wait for the wedding ;

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