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Sometimes a grey, rainy day is just what we need. Today I was supposed to be on the road for a lifestyle session in Charlotte, but the rain is giving me a chance to breathe in the quiet, take the time to catch up on blogging & galleries and put together welcome packages for my new couples. Speaking of, if you’re interested in a 2015 date.. I have 3 spots left to fill. And I’m completely blown away that October is booked solid for lifestyle sessions. My heart is on fire for documenting the beauty in the every-day of each family’s life. A few years ago it was a dream I never thought could be, and now my weeks are filled with lifestyle sessions all over the southeast. A heartfelt thank-you to the families that welcome me into their homes & let me into their most precious moments. You guys are the real deal. thank-you-thank-you..

Moving on to the sweet faces below. This family, ya’ll. I’m running out of words to adequately express the place they have found in my heart. Can hardly believe its been almost 4 years since I photographed Quin as a wee babe. In that time, he has become one of my favorite little humans. On this sunny day in August, he literally tackled me when I walked in the door. He was so excited to introduce me to his baby brother and give me a tour of his new home. And just as it happened with Quin when I first laid eyes on him, Ashton stole my heart right away. This tiny white-blonde nugget with perfectly pouty lips and tiny rolls of chub circling his wrists…he’s the perfect addition to their family. My dear friend Julia has always been a beauty, but to see her with her boys…she’s truly stunning. Motherhood is a powerful thing. Even in its messy, sleep-deprived blur, it brings an unexpected depth to life. A beauty so deep, you never knew it existed. I see that in Julia as she so effortlessly loves Jona and the boys. At random times throughout this shoot, I found myself smiling behind the lens. Partly because I love this family, partly because I love my job, but mostly because it hit me that I’ve documented Julia & Jona’s journey from two to four. And that…that is what gives this job purpose for me.

Julia, Jona, Quinny & Ash- thank-you for being you. love isn’t a big enough word…

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  1. I am obsessed with this session Kellie. You are right. Love is not a big enough word. So lovely.

  2. As if I could love any session more than the last time you shot them, here comes these images. So so beautiful and perfectly capturing this family. Wowzers. Just perfection.

  3. SO beautiful!! Love them!!

  4. Kellie, these are breathtaking! As soon as I thought one was my favorite I found another! What a lucky family to have these incredible images!

  5. I just love, love, love this!

  6. So incredibly gorgeous!!! The image of the baby feet kisses completely got me…gah…such an incredible session!! xoxo

  7. Kellie! You are so talented! Julia and her beautiful family will cherish these photos forever!

  8. These are absolutely perfect!!! Julia, your family is stunning & I am so happy for you!!

  9. Incredible set of photos you did an awesome job

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